Daniel Shpeizer

Showreel - 2D Animation, 2019

showcasing abilities in: Adobe Animate, Toonboom Harmony, Photoshop, After Effects and Clip Studio Paint

2D Traditional Animation

THESIS - Belly Love Journey, 2018

Made with: Adobe Animate, After Effects and Photoshop

PRE-THESIS - Mouse Cleaning Service, 2017

Made with: Adobe Animate and Photoshop


Made with: adobe Flash, Photoshop and premiere pro

2D Cutout Animation

Bingo Nursery Rhyme, 2017

Made with: Adobe Animate, Photoshop and After Effects

The Great Escape, from "In the footsteps of bruno shultz", 2016

Made with: Adobe After Effects and Stop-motion

Robot Chicken: My Little Pony Opening, 2013

Made with: Adobe Flash

Digital Art
Made with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate and Clip Studio Paint